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Debey Hancock

At the core of Debey’s heart is strength of family and their desire to spread hope and show others how to live life to the fullest even in the midst of the darkest storms! This family has experienced the blessing of being able to turn ashes into beauty and fear into strength. They learned how to do this by helping Jessica, Debey’s daughter, who fought a long and arduous war with cancer. In fact, seeking to understand the body and what it needs to be healthy is what directed Debey to become a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner and a Functional Nutritionist.

She considers it a genuine divine calling that made her so passionate to look for answers to help her daughter and others. The first-hand knowledge she learned and applied to her daughter’s situation enabled her to do more than just “try” methods; she has achieved valuable insight into the dynamic nature of human health and vitality and stands at the ready to help you. She will roll up her sleeves and methodically locate the nutritional imbalance that can be causing your problem and then share her nutritional and medicinal wisdom with you.

This is because Debey treats the mind, spirit, soul and the body as a whole unit working together to enable you to live an active lifestyle. Pills and subscriptions that only suppress the problem (“managing it”) are not a cure and certainly no match for the nutritional balance that the body needs desperately to work properly. She assuredly believes that if you give the right tools to the body, it will heal itself as your whole self will cross talk and work together to restore your quality of life. Wellness 360 & Learn Life's Wisdom embody a full circle of wellness that teaches you how to live as a whole- body, spirit, mind and soul. Each part of the cycle is essential; you can’t have a whole if any part is missing.

Wellness 360 & Learn Life's Wisdom include a plethora of ways that Debey offers to share her expertise including filtration, detoxification, sunshine (light energy), body movement, relaxation, circulation and blood flow. Debey offers free and inexpensive classes regarding these topics that will enable you to understand her techniques and tried and true counsel, so that you can understand and cooperate with her instruction, as well as become an active participant in your wellness program. Moreover, she has an arsenal of organic supplements, special multi-flavored teas like kombucha and incredibly nutritious and health-boosting foods like bone broth that are all composed by her wealth of knowledge in minerals, herbs and herbal medicines that will restore your body’s nutrients. Wellness 360 will equip you with many proven ways that will give the body what it needs to come back into a balance and alignment; the cornerstones of health.

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