Learn Life’s Wisdom Online Membership With One 1on1 Coaching Call


We begin the learning of life’s wisdom with a 90 Minute one on one session either in person or online via a Video or Phone Call.

Immediately upon registering for this package, you will be schedule the first 90 minute call, and you will receive the schedule and Zoom video links to join in on our LIVE group video calls that are held twice a month.  If you have missed any of the calls, you will have access to these and any former calls via video replay.

Bonus Live Classes: During your membership you will have access to any paid classes I am running throughout the month, including the video replays.  These range in price from  $29-97, and are in topics such as detoxification, fermentation, essential oils, making delicious raw chocolate and healthy deserts, and so much more!

Description: The really amazing fact about our bodies, is that they renew continuously, in fact every day we replace over 200 billion cells!  Over the course of 90 days we replace most of our organs.  Our skin replaces every 3 weeks, our intestinal lining every 5 days, and every part of our body is renewed every 9 years. This means that with careful implementation of simple shifts that nourish this renewal process, detoxify the cells and body, and lifestyle choices to support this, we can achieve magnificent results!  At the end of the 90 days you can stay on in this membership at the $47/mo offer.

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What’s Included In This Package?

  1. Bi-Weekly LIVE Video Calls: You will be provided with the dates, times and Zoom video links to join us on live video calls as a community.
    1. Each call will be focused on key health and lifestyle shifts we can make to rebuild our bodies into strong, healthy and powerful energy  producing systems.
    2. In addition to the fundamentals in creating healthy shifts, we will also go deeply into the areas of how our beliefs and emotions affect our cells, biology and reality.  These simple hints, tips and strategies will have far reaching affects into every part of your life; your relationships, work, family life, and overall state of well being.
  2. Our Community: As soon as you register we will send you the information to join us in our live and interactive chat group, where your will be able to share in your experiences, questions, goals and dreams.  Accomplishing our goals together is a powerful force that enables magnificent outcomes that are far greater than if we do them on our own.

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