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What's Included In
My Infinity 2-Tier Affiliate Program?

Your referrals are:

  • Awarded at a rate of 25-40% commission.
  • Tracked via IP, E-Mail, and cookies.
  • Your referrals remain yours for the duration of their membership at UEXL.org.

As you introduce your tribe to this exciting UEXL Institute Platform Opportunity, UEXL.org will enable you to earn a continuous income.

There Are 3 Distinct Levels Of Your UEXL Institute Learning And Involvement:

  • (LEVEL 1: LIFELONG LEARNERS) There are many amongst your tribe that will value and enjoy the life changing health, life and business course available at UEXL. Every time a learner purchases a new course, you earn the affiliate commissions every time. The 25-40% you earn on each sale just keeps on going!
    There are thought leaders looking for a way in which they can bring their knowledge and wisdom online in new and innovative ways.  When they enroll in the $5K on boarding and course creation process, you earn a 10% commission from this sale, and then an ongoing 2nd Tier affiliate bonus from all the lifelong learners they bring into their courses. and all the other courses in the UEXL Institute. 
    The 10% commission you earn from the $3k package is just the start of the tremendous value that JV affiliate opportunities represents. A very special group of leaders is already gathering to create and host their own fully-branded UEXL Institute platforms.

Earn A New Income
With Inspired Education

Bring your inspired education and life changing opportunities to fruition... Begin a fun online business today by enrolling in our Affiliate Partner Program!

Lars Gustafsson UEXL.org Founder

The vision of UEXL.org is to create a movement in education; a revolution in the way we work together to bring the knowledge and wisdom of thought leaders, teachers, coaches and guides to the world.

What You Get When You Sign-Up Today:

  1. Accelerate your income through our infinity affiliate system. You get paid on all future purchases from your referrals when they purchase more courses.
  2. Keep up with your purchases through your own referral partner center. Learn how to take action on KPI's (Key Performance Indicators).
  3. Increase your earning potential through the multiple marketing funnels we provide from our Faculty Members.
  4. An infinity model that provides your tribe with the opportunity to take their lives, businesses and education as far as they want.

AFFILIATE BONUSES - Earn from 20-40% on your Tier-1 Affiliate Bonuses. Earn our 5-10% Tier-2 Affiliate Bonus by bringing others that you select into our UEXL Institute Affiliate Partner program, and generate a residual income!

SUCCESSFUL NEW IDEAS - Just as you have benefited from the bright ideas of many who have gone before you, now you have the opportunity of generating ideas even faster in our worldwide network of like-minded entrepreneurs and educators.

NETWORKING BENEFITS - "Two minds are better than one..."
As the saying goes, what if *this* were multiplied many times over? From business to personal development, our networking programs bring you every benefit.

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